The attack on American military bases. As it was

Iranian foreign Ministry asks Brussels to explain to Trump that it was time to stop. This was the purpose of a symbolic blow to Tehran on the American basis of “‘Ayn al-Asad”. It is the Americans captured in 2003 and Australian special forces. In recent years it has become a kind of “hostel NATO”: ‘ve placed their soldiers, the British, the Danes, the Canadians. And last night under the impact of missiles almost killed Norwegian soldiers. The Pentagon was planning a major reconstruction of the base, so as to throw the strategic bombers B-52.

Iran hit American bases in Iraq about two o’clock. January 3, Americans killed Iranian General in Baghdad at the same time. Operation military of the Islamic Republic called “the Martyr Soleimani”, I can’t in the East without symbolism.

the Aerospace forces of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps has used ballistic missiles, short-range Qiam-2 and Fateh-10, 15 rockets, 11 of which have reached the goal. Previously, these missiles the Iranians had used to strike targets of terrorists so-called Islamic state.

the Attack were two U.S. bases: “ain al-Assad” in the West of Iraq and in Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan. There is an Amateur video, there are eyewitnesses. Here’s how to describe the time of the attack a resident of the Iraqi Erbil.

“there Were two rockets fired. The first fell near the airport and Erbil, because the American base is located on the territory of the airport. And the second rocket fell in the village Bardara. It is approximately 60 kilometers from the airport of Erbil. No one was injured according to official statements of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Iraqi Kurdistan,” — said an eyewitness.

the First thing that was clear after the attack, the rockets have overcome the air defense system, which protected US bases. And the fact that such funds were, can be seen on satellite images, they are in the public domain. Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Homen 8 January day, the anniversary of the Islamic reinvolution in the country, said the slap in the face to Americans. And here in Tehran are unable without double meaning.

According to official Iranian sources, the impact of the 80 American soldiers were killed and about 200 injured. In Washington state that there were no injuries. And even that one is not surprised. Iran was important to save face, hence the message about murdered Americans for domestic consumers. In fact, apparently, blow is a marker — a warning, like, we can do that.

At the same time Iran had informed Baghdad about the missile attack, and the Iraqis have already warned Americans that they had prepared. The Islamic Republic has shown clearly, the escalation in Tehran or not, but in the age of social media PR has not been canceled.

the destruction of infrastructure, the at least one base, “‘Ayn al-Asad”, apparently. First, the Pentagon has still not released a video of the consequences of the attack, and secondly, there was satellite images showing that there is a destroyed aircraft.

“Iran has taken and implement proportionate measures of self-defence in accordance with article 51 of the UN Charter by hitting the database with which you made the cowardly armed attack against our citizens and high-ranking officials. We do not seek escalation or war, but will defend ourselves against any aggression,” — said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif.

the Iranians give to understand, if trump will stop, the escalation will end. While in the public field continues the rise of anti-Americanism.