The attack on the wife of the Deputy in Moscow: the exclusive

this week in Moscow to discuss the scandalous history — the attack on the wife of the capital’s municipal Deputy Svetlana Khananashvili. A woman miraculously survived. It was associated with the political activities of her husband, but soon found piquant detail. In the assassination of suspected alleged mistress of the Deputy Director of a private school.

Exclusive footage obtained by the TV channel “Russia 24”. They are made for a couple of minutes before the attack on the wife of Moscow municipal Deputy Mikhail Khananashvili. His wife Svetlana in black hurries home. After her move two: girl, a few meters from her was a young man. It is alleged the perpetrators of the crime. At some point, both accelerate the step. Svetlana, as if smelling a rat, too, begins to go faster. Home she left to go a little more than five hundred meters.
It is a lively place even in the dark. The bulk of the violence on the video is not horrible, but, as follows from the materials of the criminal case, first, the victim ran up the girl: looked at her face, making sure it’s Svetlana, gave the signal to the young man. And it struck the woman at least six times with a knife.

“the Offender calmly beat Svetlana in the neck, face, chest, liver. She miraculously survived! A few days in serious condition,” — said in the program “live” with Andrey Malakhov.

the Victim was taken to the intensive care unit of the Sklifosovsky Institute. Now it is already easier, but to talk about what happened she doesn’t want.

“It is my right, I suggested it”, she said.

the Husband of Svetlana more slovokhotov. The Deputy of municipal district “Academic” was giving interviews almost immediately after the attack. He said that someone wanted to “leave him without a wife”. At first sinned on colleagues. They say that the assassination was politically motivated. Then changed mind and said that the murder could have ordered it long friend Vasilisa Maslova. All this supposedly because of jealousy, though they had nothing.

Vasilisa Maslova — Director of a private school on the outskirts of Moscow. The school with the loud name “Russian Harvard” is part of the first floor in one of the houses in the area Chertanovo. Looks unpresentable. They say the children here not only studied, but lived. Mostly from the regions. The school operates with a Board. Price — 35 thousand rubles per month.

Vasilisa Maslova came to Moscow from Murmansk. Say I wanted to open a restaurant and clothing store, but then engaged in children’s education. Maslow teaches more than 10 years. Knows English, German, French and Japanese. In “the Russian Harvard,” she was listed as a Director, her mother is a Deputy. On the Internet a lot of feedback on their pedagogical practices. Both good and not so:

“no school is a shithole for poor children. Conditions or no, the child has nowhere to take a shower”;
“the Entire faculty of the school of “Russian Harvard” thank you very much and low bow for my daughter”;
“The climax was when the teacher freaked out and put the kids in the school door at the January frost! On 40 minutes.”

After the Director of the school was delayed, “Russian Harvard” seemed to have gone underground. The iron door no one opens. Behind the barred Windows of the cold silence. It was here, in a residential building housed the elite, as they say, an educational institution. The children here were left to themselves. And in the words of the headmistress, the teachers did everything possible to minimize the negative impact on children of modern life. Now it sounds extremely doubtful.
Parents in shock. Moreover, the Director of the school – the prospective customer of a crime, so she’s probably still attracted to that of its graduates. In the attack on the Deputy’s wife has admitted the formerthe first student Maslova, now a student of the Plekhanov Institute Mykola Frolov.
He’s seen the footage from the surveillance camera: runs away from the scene of the assassination. The young man stated that he had been secretly in love with the teacher and could not refuse her request.

“I Wanted to help the organizer, namely the Director of this private school in the Commission plan. The attack itself was planned carefully, were assigned the roles of each of the participants, in particular tracked the path of movement of the victim from the place of work to home”, — said the head of Gagarinsky Interdistrict investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow Ilya Tereshchenko.

a Curious fact: according to media reports, Vasilisa Maslova lived in the apartment of his student Mykola Frolov. There dwelt another alleged participant in the attack — student Irina Pogarcic. She, according to investigators, he watched his wife deputies. Neighbors say that the apartment Frolova appeared and other students “the Russian Harvard.” It is unclear to whom, exactly, and why they came.

“from time to Time saw the girls don’t know about 12, 13. This is roughly what growth. Clothes of different kind,” — said the neighbor Frolova Natalia Grekova.

About Maslova say: charming, educated and very calculating. It was rumored that she laid eyes on the apartment of his student and used his senses. In defense of the teacher was made by her close friend. She collects signatures in support of Vasilisa and hopes that the investigation will sort it out.
Now investigators are checking Vasilisa Maslova and her students for involvement in another similar attack.

In 2018 Svetlana Khananashvili has been assassinated. Then the woman got a concussion, the perpetrators have not been found.
the father of the Deputy Mikhail Khananashvili, in an exclusive interview to the program “Vesti. Part of the duty” said that he does not believe the son somehow macho and puts its own version.

“If you remember the movie “Basic instinct”, the main character and the lady who was jealous, each other in some way tried to copy. So I do not exclude that it is some kind of a syndrome,” said Nodari Khananashvili.

the Victim Svetlana Khananashvili, and the alleged organizer of the attack Vasilisa Maslova really very similar. The same type, both blonde with blue eyes. According to some, the likely opponents are not even met. According to media reports, Mikhail Khananashvili and Vasilisa Maslova in the past had a business to run. Maybe he was the cause of the conflict, and the love line is just the best cover?

“Imagine that all this is due to the large romantic love or the desire to become the wife of the Deputy? Well, if he was still a Deputy of the state Duma, I would have understood. Or an oligarch, but it is not that, and not another. Just so opponents still do not kill”, — reasoned sexologist Alexander Poleev.

Now the teacher Vasilisa Maslova and her graduate, the alleged perpetrator of the attack Mykola Frolov are in jail. Their probable accomplice under house arrest. In that apartment where the students lived together with their favorite teacher.