The author of the

British author JK Rowling, famous throughout the world thanks to “Harry Potter”, I decided to confess to sexual violence committed on her 20 years ago. About the author said in the essay published on its website.

Rowling said that faced with domestic and sexual violence. According to her, she was silent not from shame, but because of the fact that the memories bring her pain. Moreover, the writer feels a responsibility to his daughter, who is part of this story.

Joan said that her first marriage was violent. She noted that left scars do not heal to this day. It is known that the first husband of the writer was journalist Georges Arantes who suffer from drug addiction.

By the way, Rowling was bombarded with criticism after she publicly spoke out about the danger of replacing the biological sex with gender. The words of the writer has caused resentment on the part of the actors Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Eddie Redmayne.