The author of the popular blog about make-up turned out to be transgender

beauty blogger Nikki de Jager, whose YouTube channel has about 13 million people, admitted that she is transgender. The girl leading video blog about makeup NikkieTutorials, said she was born “in the wrong body.”

De Jager noted that in the childhood felt like a girl, not a boy. At the age of 14 she started taking hormones, and at 19 he completed the sex reassignment process.

In a video published on January 13, the blogger said that it has long wanted to make coming out.

“Today, I will share with you what you always wanted to share but on my own terms,” she said. The fact that she had received threats from anonymous Blackmailers who threatened to reveal her secret.

“they said They want to disclose the truth about me, because I’m lying because I’m afraid of people finding out who I really am. I’m not afraid. Today is the day when I can finally be myself,” admitted de Jager.

the Video has like almost 2 million users, and in the review members, were generally supportive of the blogger. De Jager thanked them for their positive feedback.