The authorities of St. Petersburg will perpetuate the memory of anti virus doctors

In St. Petersburg intend to create a permanent memorial to doctors killed in the fight against coronavirus. Earlier in the city there was a spontaneous memorial Wall, but next to it began to appear things totally inappropriate.

This is the street Small Sea in the center of St. Petersburg. There is always a lot of tourists, always quite crowded. Here is the city Committee of public health and at the end of April in front of him was a memorial. It is dedicated to the medics who died trying to save the city from coronavirus infection. Here now — more than forty photos. This place has become one of the city symbols of this difficult time.

Now the city is slowly coming back to life, and that on 11 June they started to prepare for the opening of the summer cafe. It so happened that one of them is between the national Wall of remembrance and the Committee.

However, the merchants in this neighborhood do not see any problems. Such cafes on Small Garden opens just three, they work here from year to year and according to documents, everything seems to be legit, unlike the Wall of memory, which appeared on the initiative of citizens, on paper it simply does not exist. The city government is now preparing a project to install a monument to all the physicians of Petersburg, the real hero, who, without doubt, saved us. Some of their lives.

“We now choose the place or will it be here on Small Garden or it will be in some other place, in any case, we believe it is necessary, of course, to create such a memorial. To create a monument to the doctors who save us from the epidemic that took the brunt of the attack, and every day to save the citizens, save Petersburgers”, — said Maxim Meiksin, head of the Central district of St. Petersburg.

in addition, St. Petersburg has a new award — the badge “for valor in the rescue”. It will give medical workers, rescuers and other people who showed courage and dedication in saving the lives and health of people. First these awards will be presented on June 21, the day of medical worker.