The award ceremony

At the book festival “Red square” was awarded the “Lyceum”, which is designed for authors, bears the name of Alexander Pushkin and is awarded on the birthday of the poet.

“the world’s First cultural event after the start of the pandemic, addressed the winners Chairman of the jury Sergei Shargunov — something to tell the grandkids.” The best writer was recognized as St. Petersburg Rinat Gazizov for a collection of short stories, “Administration”, the best poet Alexander Literature from Samara for the book of poems “Inanna descends to hell.” A special prize from the magazine “Youth” has got also Vera Bogdanova and Maria Malinowska. For the contest this year received 2312 works from all over Russia, CIS countries, Europe, Turkey, Israel, USA, Mexico and Japan.

On the red square were only finalists, jury members and Trustees, the remaining participants contacted via Internet and present in the form of an image on a huge screen.

in addition to writer, chief editor of “Youth” TV presenter Sergei Shargunov poets and prose-writers this year estimated their elders Faith, Timur Kibirov, Maya Kucherskaya and litagent Julia gumen. Timur Kibirov thanked the participants for interesting reading: “today’s young authors — it is already a Mature and established writers with their own language. I and my peers at their age wrote much helpless and ridiculous”.

“We are very grateful to all the participants in, and founders, and experts, and our sponsor — the group of companies “LOTTE”, — said the head of the “Center of support of domestic literature” Georgy Urushadze. — A joint effort of a huge number of people in Russia and Korea is possible for the fourth year in a row to open a new bright talented names.”

the Premium “the Lyceum” named after A. Pushkin based in 2017 with the aim of finding and promoting young Russian artists age limit — from 15 to 35 years. In the finale of the season left residents of Kaliningrad, Vologda, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Penza, Tomsk, St. Petersburg, Tomsk, Moscow, Moscow region, Cherkessk, Lviv and Almaty. The texts of these “opinion leaders of the next decade” is published on the website of the award.