The Azerbaijanis stuck due to coronavirus in Dagestan, began to cross the border

From Dagestan home from temporary camps on the border have begun to return the Azerbaijanis. 155 citizens of Azerbaijan today will be at home, assured the acting head of the Derbent region, Fuad Shikhiev. The process of crossing the border began.

the head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasiliev proposed to increase the quota returned to Azerbaijan citizens to 360 people at one time, reports “Interfax”. From Dagestan to Azerbaijan under the quota because of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 were taken at 120-130 citizens. Because of this quota in the temporary accommodation in camps began to collect people. Because every day on the border comes to two hundred people.

15 Jun 400 Azerbaijanis at a campground and temporary accommodation in Derbent and Magaramkentsky districts of Dagestan rioted. They blocked the highway “Kavkaz” in protest due to the delay of their return home. The protesters entered into a scuffle with the Russian police. Seven policemen were injured, damaged five cars. Arrested for participating in the riots, nine dozen citizens of Azerbaijan. To Dagestan there has arrived delegation from Azerbaijan to return its citizens home. Review of the incident on the border with participation of Azerbaijani citizens in the control and the test was taken by the Prosecutor of the Dagestan Republic Alexey Yezhov.