In a “Spiegel” interview, Anton Hofreiter (Greens) sharply criticizes Bahn boss Richard Lutz and Transport Minister Volker Wissing. Hofreiter questions the suitability of Lutz as Bahn boss. When asked if he was the right person for the post, Hofreiter replied: “Mr. Lutz should ask himself that.” Hofreiter also criticized Lutz’s recent statements about the congestion of the railway: “I find Lutz’s behavior very strange, the customer threatens with an order, so to speak. As a CEO, I would consider whether this lawsuit is appropriate.” Lutz had warned that the railway network was reaching its limits given the countless necessary construction sites.

Against the background of the major problems facing the railways, Hofreiter also criticized the budget of FDP Transport Minister Volker Wissing: “The worst thing is this ups and downs. The Ministry of Transport urgently needs to make it clear that the railways need reliable money. Long-term projects cannot be implemented as planned in the budget now.”

Hofreiter warned against using tax money in the wrong place: “Of course we have to ask ourselves whether the railways currently have enough money. Nevertheless, we must not brainlessly pump money into an ailing system. Reforms are needed, the main reason for this lies in the mistakes of the past, in management. Only with new promises that the railway will soon be better does not make it better”.