The Bank of Russia called the popular schemes of fraud in isolation

the Bank of Russia has warned about the increasing activity of financial fraud during the period of isolation and was named the most popular schemes of criminals in Moscow and the Moscow region.

residents of the regions in the form of sms to the phones and no mail was showered with offers of fake concessional loans, vacation credit, profitable investment in shares. Intensified illegal lenders, the creators of pyramid schemes and illegal forexer clubs, redolently (debt cancellation).

Redolently. After the isolation and restrictions in the economy, the Bank of Russia warns of surge in scams, promising for a fee to “solve” the problems of the debtor with creditors. Using the fact that the income of many citizens has fallen, scammers call “clients” and offer them money on credit without references and surety, warned of the Central Bank.

“Black creditors.” in Addition to call clients, such scammers do and sms campaigns and offers by mail. The victim either can get a loan with hidden high interest rates or losing their savings. There are legal credit brokers, but these people only charge for the collection of information and documents does not guarantee a loan. Moreover, among the mediators are the scammers: getting the client’s personal information, they can debit the money from the account or to “hang” him on loan and sacrifice the first time won’t even know it.

“Forestry”. During isolation, increased the interest of Russians with savings to buy shares, currencies and other assets — in a moment of crisis, very high price spikes and the scammers offer to earn some money. Among them, the illegal Forex dealers. The victim is offered or receive training on stock market or learn the profession of trader. While inexperienced players offer the program with spectacular graphics and opportunity to earn. But often these programs do not provide online koterovkey directly from the stock exchange, but instead these data are available to the victim quotes, provoking a loss. A during isolation were more likely to look in the Internet, where they are waiting for the Scam.

Ponzi scheme. the Principle of financial pyramids remains unchanged since Charles Ponzi created the scheme in the early 1900-ies in the United States. First time investors are paid with the money of other investors, and then the creators of the pyramid disappear with the money collected. During the isolation “was adjusted to information agenda and some companies with signs of financial pyramids”, — noted in the CBR. These companies offer to invest in the “stock portfolio” with supposedly specially selected a successful trading strategy on the background of the coronavirus in the field of medicine, “Chinese index”, airlines. Usually customer “bred” — just give some money, and then he loses all his savings. Remain popular among scammers and platforms for easy money on the cryptocurrency, technological innovation, agriculture.