The Bank of Russia will issue a commemorative coin dedicated to the doctors

the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia has approved the issue of this year’s commemorative coins dedicated to the health workers.

work Began on a sketch of a coin. A coin of copper-Nickel alloy with a nominal value of 25 rubles will release a circulation of up to 5 million units.

Russia, like other countries, has experienced a month of restrictions due to pandemic and this time was a severe test for doctors. This time will remain in people’s memory for a long time — noted in the press release of the Central Bank.

For many it will remain a memory about the loss of their traditional way of life, and “for some people, memories of the fight against the disease”. “The launch of the coin is our modest contribution to preserving the memory of the courage, dedication and present the heroism of doctors and medical workers”, — said the first Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Olga Skorobogatova.

the world health organization (who) on 12 March 2020 announced the start of a pandemic COVID-19.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Russia was 493 657 cases of infection, recovered 252 783 human died 6 358. Today there are 7.2 million people who have contracted the new coronavirus infection, about 410 thousand people became victims of the disease.

In recent days the increase of cases reaching the lowest level since April 13. In Moscow revealed 1 195 new cases. Only in Russia for a day revealed more than 8.4 thousand cases COVID-19. The coefficient of infection for nine days in the country declined from 2.1% to 1.7%.