The baptism of the people and a healing from diseases: the murder of Floyd has become a Shrine

the scene of the murder of an African-American George Floyd became the object of religious pilgrimage. Hundreds of people come to Minneapolis to participate in the “revival services”. About this newspaper The Christian Post.

Representatives of Christian denominations who visited the scene of the murder of Floyd’s, claimed that witnessed miracles. There are even rites of baptism. For this middle of the road put a bath in which to dip people. Alleged citizens who have applied thus to God, reconciled to each other regardless of skin colour.

CBN News reports even about the case of healing. 20-year-old girl was injured with my back, which she suffered for a year and a half, but she came to the scene of the murder of African Americans and the disease suddenly disappeared. Local pastor Charles Karuku says that the people attending the memorial, find hope and purpose in his life.

George, Floyd was killed by a police officer Derek Showin. He pressed his knee to the man’s neck and held him so for more than eight minutes. As a result, the African American died, the cause of his death was cardio-pulmonary failure. The killing of Floyd has caused protests in the United States. Behind them were tightened and other countries, including, for example, Britain and France.