The Barnaul zoo invites you to a cooking show with the bear with Glasha

the Barnaul zoo “Lesnaya Skazka” has prepared a web show with the bear Glafira. Culinary duel “Breakfast with Glasha and Sasha” with the participation of bear can be viewed on may 23, visit the zoo in social networks.

Bear was found near the village of Ongudai. The locals gave 4-month-old baby to overexposure to the game Manager. When it became clear that the mother can not find work, decided to transfer the bear to the zoo. So, on may 20 she appeared in “the Forest tale”.

As reported by the GTRK “Altai”, the clumsy beauty quickly adapted to the limited life in a new place, and happily posed for the camera. Now she has a name — Glafira. Soon she will make the necessary vaccinations, as the body stronger and it’s time to defend.

the Director of a zoo Sergey Pisarev told about the new pet: “Glasha quickly made friends with my Deputy Alexander Chebotaryov. They walk together, she licks, a step does not depart. For Breakfast dipper gets porridge with honey. And we had an idea to open a new category in social networks. It will be called “Breakfast with Glasha and Sasha”. The children have already watched our video and looking at the bear, we ate porridge with pleasure. Then we will show the recipes for various cereal, and have Breakfast together with the audience.”

At present the zoo staff looking for a sponsor for building a large enclosure for Glafira. The estimated cost of the new house — about 800 thousand rubles.

Text: GTRK “Altai”