The Belarusian authorities want to move away from the dollar in the calculations for natural gas

the government and the national Bank of Belarus plans to consider amendments to the intergovernmental agreement with Russia, excluding the possibility of implementation between residents of settlements for natural gas in foreign currency on the territory of the Republic.

After reaching an agreement with the government of the Russian Federation amendments to the decrees of the President of Belarus, which excludes the possibility of calculations in foreign currency between residents in the energy sector.

All this is provided by joint decree of the government and the National Bank of Belarus from January 3, “On the strategy of increasing trust to the national currency until 2035”. The document is published on the website of the Council of Ministers of Belarus.

the Strategy aims to increase the confidence of the population and organizations of Belarus in national currency. Factors, talking about the low level of trust in Belarusian ruble named, in particular, significant dollarization of savings and liabilities in the economy, transactions between residents in foreign currency on the territory of Belarus, binding to a foreign currency when setting prices, tariffs, tax and lease payments. Also among them are persistently high inflationary and devaluation expectations.

the Belarusian authorities plan to conduct an active policy to limit the functionality of foreign currency on the territory of the Republic. All taxes, rents and rates (prices) government organizations will also be established in Belarusian rubles.

Earlier, Russia and Belarus have agreed on gas prices for January-February of the following year and signed an Addendum to the contract on the transit and supply of fuel. This was reported in “Gazprom” following the results of negotiations held in Moscow on the last day of 2019. Met the head of “Gazprom” Alexey Miller, the Ambassador of Belarus to Russia Vladimir Semashko and energy Minister of Belarus Victor Karankevich.