The biologist told, why not keep washed strawberries and cherry compote

summer is the time for berries. Their usefulness says a lot: the berries contain vitamins, fiber, biologically active substances. But some of them can be dangerous, said the TV channel “Russia 1” candidate of biological Sciences Ekaterina Baranova.

the Expert noted that strawberries, for example, can cause allergies, especially in children up to five years.

Often large red strawberry that we see on the shelves is solid and savory. Baranov explained that breeders specifically output such varieties to make it easier to transport.

“are selected In breeding varieties whose cells contain a tough shell, so they are less juicy”, she said.

But the greatest harm is not the absence of flavor and aroma, and in giving the berry rich color by artificial means.

“The biggest crap in this plant, which can be, unfortunately, is the embellishment,” – said Baranov. She added that a strawberry “paint” more often – with other berries to make it more difficult.

to Spoil the berries can improper storage. The expert explained that the washed strawberries cannot be stored even in the refrigerator, you should immediately eat.

“If you have something to wash what you eat. The surface is damaged by moisture, is a place for bacteria to develop mushrooms, and this is toxins, and this berry is not the best,” – said Baranov. The same is true for raspberries. Washed cherries can be stored, but before that you need to dry out.

can be Dangerous frozen berries. The fact is that in the freezer at minus 20 degrees they are stored no more than four months.

“A lot of people when eating last year, I am surprised that it is completely tasteless. But it’s not just tasteless, it’s harmful,” said the biologist. According to her, for freezing berries should be used a special technology.

the Threat maybe even canned cherry compote. Its seeds contain prussic acid so if the compote is stored more than a year and a half, it can lead to serious poisoning. For this reason, it is not necessary to swallow a cherry stone.

Previously, the dietician Marina Machisa told about the benefits of strawberries for the prevention of various diseases. According to her, strawberries contain proteins that regulate fat metabolism in the body and reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood plasma. So berry good, in particular, to prevent the development of atherosclerosis.