The bombardment of lightning, killing children, adults and animals

Received the tragic news of the death of several people in the Indian States of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar due to heavy rains and lightning. State governments to quickly provide emergency relief.

the monsoon Season this year has covered India for two weeks ahead of schedule. And with it began a real “fire lightning”. Only two days of bad weather in the States of behar and Uttar Pradesh from discharges millions of volts killed more than 110 people.

“Stay home, entered the red threat!” — warns the Department for disaster management. All victims of lightning resided in rural areas. At the beginning of the rainy season farmers plant rice and work all day in the fields. In the village Kaiti lightning strike time killed five children and 14 goats in the pen are actually fried alive. About a hundred people were in hospital with severe burns. Condolences in connection with death expressed by Prime Minister Narendra modi.

every year in India, lightning killed about 2.5 thousand people – more than from other natural disasters. The Indian media has started a propaganda campaign. In the style of a bollywood movie, the authorities explain how to behave at the beginning of the storm, where to hide and how to provide first aid to the victim of a lightning strike.

After this high even for India the number of deaths in the state of Bihar launched a special app for smartphones “the Mace of God Indra” (God of light, lightning and war). A special service sends alerts and tracks the movement of a storm front.