The boy almost fell down, escaping from a prosperous family drainpipe

the Young resident of the city of Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region almost died when he got out of the apartment through the window and wanted to go down the drainpipe. It just miraculously caught by the passerby.

On the Ozersk page on the social network “Vkontakte” appeared the video, the footage which shows how the boy gets out of the apartment, gets to the drainage pipe and trying to go down. Being on the second floor, the boy could not resist and began to fall. A passing man saw it, caught “spider-man” almost in flight and helped him get back on the ground.

the video says that this child is supposedly from a dysfunctional family and thus decided to run away from their parents.

meanwhile, the Minister of social relations of the region Irina Butorina said that the boy lives in a happy family, he has a brother. After it became known about the incident, local experts help services for families and children, including the psychologist and the police came to this apartment. They talked to parents and children, got acquainted with their living conditions. The rumors about mistreatment of children in this family was not confirmed, said the Minister.

“Yes, like everyone else in the family there are difficulties, but that is no reason to call it dysfunctional”, — quotes the words Butorina RIA Novosti.

Now to the life and health of children threatens nothing, they are in the family. Employees of the Department of social protection will help the family to cope with the arisen difficulties. The situation is on control in the Ministry. Next week the family plans to visit the Commissioner for children’s rights in the Chelyabinsk region Yevgeny Mayorov.