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The boy in Ulyanovsk died of meningitis. Christmas party at anything

The boy in Ulyanovsk died of meningitis. Christmas party at anything

the Prosecutor’s office of Leninsky district of Ulyanovsk started the inspection after the death of four-year old boy, who died the night of December 25. It was found that the child died, according to preliminary data from meningitis, and it has nothing to do with new year’s morning performance in a kindergarten.

Earlier Ulyanovsk media wrote that the child became ill after the feast, arranged on December 24 in honor of the New year in kindergarten.

As reported the senior assistant Prosecutor of the region Vasily Zima, law enforcement officers checked everything and came to the conclusion that there is no relationship between the matinee and degradation of a boy no. In kindergarten immediately imposed a quarantine of all children examined by the doctors. They came to the conclusion that other cases among the pupils there.

Four children died in the regional children’s infectious diseases hospital, where he was brought in serious condition with a diagnosis of “meningococcal infection, fulminant form”. On this fact investigators opened a case on charges of causing death by negligence.

Senior assistant regional Prosecutor added that the inspection showed that the boy died very quickly. According to him, the parents called the child an ambulance, but refused to be hospitalized, although doctors and insisted on it. Later, the boy again had to call the ambulance. This time, he was brought to the hospital, but rescue was not in time.

the Investigation into the incident is ongoing, RIA Novosti reported.

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