The brightest constellation on one stage, on the Mamaev Kurgan are preparing for the Victory concert

a concert in the part of the 75th anniversary of the Victory are currently in Volgograd — a city that has become one of the symbols of bravery and steadfastness of our people. June 24 at Mamayev Kurgan of works devoted to the great Patriotic war, will be performed by stars of the first magnitude. Among them Yuri Bashmet, Denis Matsuev, Sergei Bezrukov, Hibla Gerzmava. The audience of the TV channel “Russia 1” will see all live.

Future Grand concert in the Holy for every Russian citizen location at the foot of the monument “Motherland” on Mamaev Kurgan, a unique event in terms of scale, and the number of popularly favorite artists. 24 Jun concert live on TV channel “Russia 1” will see the whole country.

Concert stage very carefully, remembering the special atmosphere of this place, assembled at Heroes ‘ Square, offering magnificent views of the main monument. All this is a tribute to a thousand year ancient tradition where a memorable event took place on the sites of former battles, at the foot of the statues of heroes. In this sense, the viewer was scuba diving in a particular psychological state, like being a participant in those events.

After the parade on red square in Moscow, the center of the festivities will be moved to Volgograd. The project’s artistic Director, world-renowned Maestro Yuri Bashmet.

“This festival brings together our vast country, all the people,” said Bashmet.

In glorious Volgograd — only stars of the first magnitude: Hibla Gerzmava, Aida Garifullina, Igor Butman, Sergey Bezrukov, Sergey Garmash, Konstantin Khabensky, virtuoso Denis Matsuev — the brightest constellation on the same stage.

“I’m looking forward to this performance with a special feeling. Victory day, Stalingrad, Volgograd, Mamaev Kurgan — there is something special. I have great reverence for this holiday”, — said Denis Matsuev.

the exploit and the memory of the Victory in the United the consciousness of the nation.

“If not for what happened here on Mamayev Kurgan, we would live in a completely different world if all lived. For me it is very important that this event saw the young people,” — said the artistic Director of the concert of the Victory at Mamaev Kurgan Victor Kramer.

the Grandson of Vasily Chuikov, legendary commander of the 62 army and buried, by the way, at Mamaev Kurgan, says a concert by our worship of heroes.

“Grandfather even said to the Germans to take Stalingrad, they must kill us all one. So the moral of the warriors were ready to sacrifice themselves,” said Nikolai Chuikov.

About Stalingrad Alexandra Pakhmutova born in this great city, wrote one of his most nagging songs: “But we survived our great soldiers, but survived an immortal battle of Stalingrad.”

Songs on Mamayev Kurgan as a kind of prayer in memory of the fallen, whose feat symbolizes the figure of “Motherland”. The statue towers over the hill of 52 meters. Together with the sword all the building reaches a truly gigantic size — 85 meters. Majestic monument Vuchetich during a concert of remembrance, featuring impressive visual effects, will appear in a new guise.

the Defender of Stalingrad Evgeny Rogov proud memory of his wartime friends will honor such a Grand concert

Our challenge lies in the fact that in any case, our youth has not lost the Victory banner.

Gig of memory on Mamaev hill will be one of the highlights of the main holiday of the country, the memory and pride of all generations. Watch the live broadcast on 24 June on the channel “Russia 1”.