The British Ambassador in Tehran said that was not a demonstration and vigil

the British Ambassador in Tehran Robert Machar denies the allegations that he participated in protests in Iranian capital, and especially directed them. Earlier, Iranian authorities detained Makara and was accused of involvement in a protest near Technological University of Amir Kabir.

Makar on his page on Twitter says that he went to the vigil for the victims of the Ukrainian catastrophe “Boeing” to pay tribute to the people, many of whom had British citizenship. The Ambassador claims that left the event as soon as she started chanting anti-government slogans on the website of the Iranian armed forces responsibility for the disaster.

Later, the Ambassador was released, but summoned to the Iranian foreign Ministry in connection with the incident. The British foreign Secretary Dominic Raab called the detention of the Ambassador a flagrant cases of violations of international law. The head of diplomacy of the European Union Josep Borrell also expressed concern about the detention of the Ambassador. He called the incident a violation of the Vienna Convention and called for de-escalation.