The Briton, who ate only chips and crackers, and died from exhaustion

a British woman has died as a result of eating disorders. Charlotte Brody ate only chips, crackers and soda, and sometimes chicken nuggets.

according Mirror, broad did not change his food preferences, even during pregnancy. However, two of her children, she fed in accordance with the recommendations of doctors.

32-year-old woman was admitted to hospital on 3 January. Before that, she within six weeks lying in bed because you refused to take any food. Brody refused even intravenous nutrition, saying that he wants to live, and eventually died of exhaustion on January 13.

it is Known that the Briton has long suffered from depression, but refused from attempts to improve mental health.

In September it was reported about the British teenager who ten years only ate chips, sausage and white bread. As a result of such a diet, he lost his sight and hearing.