The butchers advised me to hide kitchen utensils

Dr. Alexander Myasnikov advised hypertensive patients to hide away the usual attribute of kitchen utensils – shakers. The TV channel “Russia 1” it is said that suffering from high blood pressure of the salt-dependent regime. Led a paradoxical fact, those who consume a lot of salt, you risk to become hypertensive.

“Brothers and sisters high blood pressure! Let’s forget about the salt! Salt shakers in the house should not be!” called butchers and brought in prohibited for hypertensive products salted fish, soups, sausages and other meats, not to mention the pizza and especially the chips. “Let’s leave the herring at one time – on Saturdays!” – he said the only relief.

Speaking about the famous postulate of “Food is medicine”, the butchers advised hypertensive patients to include in the diet plenty of legumes (soy, peas, lentils, peas), green vegetables and dried fruits that contain a lot of potassium, fresh fish and seafood and berries.

Informed butchers said that drinking in the heat of a previously banned doctors drinks are still possible.