The Cabinet has approved amendments in the sphere of prevention and liquidation of spills of fuel

the Russian Government has approved amendments to the draft amendments to the Federal law “About environmental protection” and certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation. The draft amendments are aimed at ensuring a systemic approach to legal regulation of relations in the field of prevention and liquidation of spills of oil and petroleum products on the land territory of the Russian Federation.

the Legal regulation of relations in this sphere will be similar to the existing regime in the field of prevention and liquidation of spills of oil and oil products on the sea. Amendments will be sent to the state Duma in the established procedure, according to the government website.

Meanwhile, water samples from water bodies of the Noril’sk for the first time after the accident at the local CHP-3 is not fixed excess of maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of oil products. The maximum excess of MPC after depressurization of the tank with fuel was 52 thousand times, reminds TASS, and a few days ago MPC of oil were exceeded twice.

For the last day of the liquidators collected at the site of the accident at the power plant in Norilsk 7 cubic meters of the fuel-water mixture, according to RIA Novosti. All of this amount was collected from the waters of the rivers. Just after the accident at the CHP-3, which occurred on may 29, it was collected only 32 974 cubic meters of a mixture.