The campaign, which will go down in history: ahead of the main voting day

on Tuesday evening, June 30, ended electronic voting on amendments to the Constitution of Russia.Through the Internet, an opinion expressed by more than 90 percent of registered citizens. At the polling stations, the turnout is already very close to fifty percent. Ahead of primary election day. All the procedure, legal and health has already been worked through.

sanitized is carried out before the opening of each section, and several times during the day when there are interruptions. The members of the Commission before work is sure to pass a medical examination, that in no case do not become a source of infection, especially for older voters. Everyone who came to the land, guaranteed security.

“to Vote is to give an opinion for the life that we are. Today’s period of life can be called positive,” — shared his opinion the veteran of work Boris Abakumov.

veterans Have a special relationship to the voting process, and content of the Basic law. That’s what he thinks WWII veteran Nicholas Yevtushenko:

— I vote for a peaceful country, for peace in the world. I wish happiness and prosperity to mankind! A strong state should be powerful in the Constitution.

On the hotline VGTRK and “Komsomolskaya Pravda” phone does not stop. People still have questions — will answer them for everyone.

— What is the purpose of the amendment to the Constitution concerning the primacy of international law over international law?

“the Russian Federation will fulfill its international obligations, but only those that we really signed that conform to our constitutional order. That’s the point of this amendment,” — said co-chair of the working group on preparation of proposals on amendments to the Constitution of Russia Andrey Klishas.

June 30 voted and the actor Vladimir Mashkov:

— it is very important to participate, especially in the life of their country, their future, future of their children and grandchildren. This is probably important — to be indifferent to the life of their country.

According to this morning voted almost fifty million people. The turnout is rapidly approaching the half, and yet the main day of voting.

Unique campaign that will go down in history, even only one technical detail. For the first time such an extensive time interval of a week. Voting and observation masks — this, too, has never been.

complaints of violations, there is little — among the thousands of complaints to the CEC the most related to organizational issues: confusion with addresses, names, plots. And all this is quickly resolved on the ground.

“compared to the really major national campaigns for the elections this time simply a tiny number of complaints. I hope this trend continues — no serious complaints, no requests that require consideration by the working group of the CEC, and perhaps the CEC,” — said the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova.

International experts during this time visited hundreds of sites in one day, that I never had.

“I Have fairly rich experience of observing different choices — I worked in Armenia, UK, USA. But here we see excellent organization, everything goes as it should. Especially given the circumstances related to the pandemic. But it has no effect on the vote, all at the highest level,” said an international observer, Deputy of the Italian Parliament Paolo Grimoldi.

observers invited everyone, but there is the “Voice” of its activists in the quality somehow didn’t register, but regularly fills their map of violations, which from year to year odno only fraud.

“Among the reports on presidential elections of the Russian Federation, 78 percent were fakes. In 2018 in a single day of voting — 72 percent. Then 2019 — again, the rise — 81 percent of fakes. Already in the period of nationwide voting our observers, experts, human rights activists state that among the messages 92% is fake information,” — said co-Chairman of the Association “Civil control” Alexander Brod.

From the centre for public observation, but remotely (such a possibility is there only two regions — Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region), voted the capital’s mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

vote For the amendment in the complex, because only all together they give legal reboot of the country.

“I can safely say not only on behalf of the Russian Orthodox Church, but on behalf of all traditional confessions of the Russian Federation — for us a very special meaning of the amendment, which referred to the heritage received from the ancestors,” — expressed his opinion the Chairman of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion.

“Today we form the set of rules, our beliefs, which will benefit our children, so they will not have time to doubt, to win over, that they have just lived and achieved success in our country”, — said the honored artist of Russia Denis Maidanov.

Even the procedure itself with a variety of possibilities — a sign of relationship to the citizens. You can vote in the maternity ward of the hospital, without interrupting production, for example, in one farm in the Volgograd region. Now just started harvesting wheat fields cannot be left unattended.

June 30 this vote to the floors, in enterprises in the local area — over, as electronic (in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region). But in areas still waiting for those who still did not come. The more Wednesday, 1 July, the main day of voting.