The car-share

Carsharing service “Yandex” will master the international market before the end of this year “Yandex.Drive” will be started in one of the European cities. The initial fleet size will be thousands of electric cars, told The Financial Times the head of the project Anton Ryazanov.

Where in Europe will launch “Yandex.Drive” is not yet resolved. As a priority the company considers the city with developed infrastructure suitable for electric vehicles, such as Madrid and Copenhagen, as well as the cities of Italy and France.

“Yandex.Drive” has started in February 2018 and at this time, according to own estimates of the search engine, became the largest carcharhinoid service not only in Russia but throughout the world. The Park has more than 21 thousand cars.

the Service short-term rental of “Yandex” intends to take the place of the former leader – ShareNow (a joint venture between Daimler AG and BMW), in possession of more than 20 thousand cars. In December 2019, the company announced the withdrawal from the market of North America and the UK.

Text: To.Hi-tech