The Caryatid in art: colleagues mourn Galina Volchek

the Artistic Director of “Sovremennik” Galina Volchek will be buried at Novodevichy cemetery near the grave of Mark Zakharov. Galina on December 19 celebrated the 86th birthday, a few days later she was hospitalized with pneumonia. When she died, the theater was the play “Anarchy”. The audience about the tragic news was announced from the stage Sergei Garmash.

the Great contemporary era, Galina Borisovna Volchek burned his artistic talent for a long time and in it, in this time, the hearts of millions of viewers. Her legacy as the grafting of a culture that gives moral immunity from vulgarity, lies and cynicism of the century. That is why, perhaps, so many people in the morning went today to the “Contemporary”. Left bouquets of flowers on the damp stone stairs.

“the Theater has lost a great deal. I was just going to say… Because it is more than 40 years headed the theater. Galina Borisovna, Russian culture, Russian theatre will be very miss you,” says Yuri Solomin, people’s artist of the USSR, artistic Director of the Maly theatre.

News of the irreparable loss came to the theater when it was play. Artists were on stage. After graduating and was unable to go cap in hand and crying backstage. Heavy news viewers have declared Sergey Garmash.

Her name now and forever is inextricably linked now with the concept of Russian theatre, whose spirit in the invisible and intangible sense, she was and will always remain. Her talent has long been part of the national code.

“She has carried and defended those sacred covenants left to us by our great teacher. And in the movies and in the theater. Creating a wonderful role, it has always been true to these laws and this Covenant” — says people’s artist of the USSR Oleg Basilashvili.

At the legendary stage of Galina Borisovna has directed over 30 productions. For many decades they were applauded by tens of thousands of spectators.

“She was an incredibly fine man in researchresearch Institute of another person. Her support was invaluable. She is so supportive of our team and school, as had none at all,” said Vladimir Mashkov, people’s artist of Russia, artistic Director of the Moscow theatre of Oleg Tabakov.

She knew how to get in touch with anyone. Patient and forgive insults, often casting Director, in particular, and from her favorite artists. For example, from neelovo, Akhedzhakova and Yakovleva that one day the three of us refused to play in the play “Enemies: a love story”. The main role then it got Chulpan Khamatova.

“these polar qualities — a great leader and at the same time fragile woman — make it a unique and very correct artistic Director. She really was a mother to all,” says people’s artist of Russia Chulpan Khamatova.

“And the demanding parent, demanding of directorial very combined in it,” said Rimas Tuminas, artistic Director of State academic theatre named after E. Vakhtangov.

That Galina Borisovna was destined to bring theatre from the Clean ponds in the international orbit, putting the “Echelon” Roshchina on stage in Houston with an amazing sense of timing and courage in the search for innovative ideas.

“Galina Borisovna of the most powerful and major builders of theatre. I was lucky, and I’m still a student he began working in the “contemporary,” shared Joseph Raihelgauz, people’s artist of Russia, artistic Director of the Moscow theatre “School of modern play”.

On a subtle level she was able to control the soul hushed halls — what Stanislavsky called the “voltaic arc”, when the energy goes from the stage to the hall and back. And here Galina Volchek was not equal.

“For me it is art the Caryatid! This female figure, which in Greece was replaced by a column. So she in its was the Caryatid, which is kept throughoutand years the sky of art”, — says Elena Sanaeva, honored artist of the RSFSR.

to say goodbye to Galina Borisovna will be in her home theatre. Bury the people’s artist of the Soviet Union and artistic Director of “Sovremennik” theatre in the Novodevichy cemetery of the capital.