The case of Ephraim: Federal chamber of lawyers of the accused Dobrovinsky and Pashayeva in PR on the tragedy

the Board of the Federal chamber of advocates (FCA) has drawn attention to the conduct of the lawyers involved in the case of an actor of Michael Efremova, staged a fatal accident. In the house believe that the defender of the artist Elman Pashayev and the representative of the family of the deceased driver Alexander Dobrovinsky PR on the tragedy.

“These attorneys actively speak to the media in connection with the incident: give numerous interviews and comments of the electronic and print media, broadcast radio and television stations, participate in different TV shows,” – said representatives of the FPA.

they believe that thus Pashayev Dobrovinsky and divulge attorney-client privilege. They “openly use their involvement in high-profile case for self-promotion”, emphasized by the house of representatives.

In the AFP believe that because of the behavior Pashayeva and Dobrovinsky the public “may be a misconception about the substance of legal practice”.

accidents involving Ephraim occurred on the Garden ring in Moscow the evening of 8 June. The actor on his jeep drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into a van Lada. The driver of the domestic car suffered serious injuries and died in hospital. The examination showed that at the time of the accident Efremov was drunk also in his blood found traces of drugs. At the moment, the artist is under house arrest.