The cause of a major fire in a recreation center in Gus-Khrustalny could be arson attic

Firefighters managed to eliminate open burning in the house of culture in the town of Gus-Crystal Vladimir region. The representative of the press service of EMERCOM of Russia in the region reported that the open fire was liquidated at 3:00.

as one of the preliminary versions of a fire in the house of culture in the city of Gus-Khrustalny is considered arson attic. About this media reported temporarily fulfilling duties of chief GU emergencies Ministry in Vladimir region Ruslan of pancakes.

a fire in the building started at 21:16 on Tuesday, June 30. 23:20 the fire was localized on the area of 2.4 thousand square meters. In the result of emergency suffered by the stage, the auditorium and part of the third floor. The dead and injured there, reports TASS. Rescuers were able to protect from fire buildings, standing side by side with DK.

As noted, one of the preliminary versions – the burning of the attic, the second reason is electrical.

the Building was built in 1929. In 2019, it carried out a roof repair.

Over the last two days it already the second large fire in cultural institutions in the Vladimir region. On 29 June a fire occurred in the building of the Vladimirskiy academic drama theatre. The fire covered 500 square meters. As a result of the incident injured the auditorium, stage and foyer. The basic version of a fire in the building of the theatre was a short circuit during the electrical work.