The cause of PE on the

the Cause of PE on the ship “Sapphire” has become the mistake of the captain of the ship. Concluded the investigation, having studied the events in the White sea. It reminds GTRK “Karelia”, a passenger ship ran aground in August of last year and was holed.

the accident was recorded at a distance of nine km from Belomorsk. Out of the city immediately went rescue vehicle. All passengers were evacuated, no injuries were reported. On Board were 125 people.

As reported in the Investigation Department on transport, the investigation is completed. According to investigators, the rate was lost because of the incompetence of the captain. He did not pay attention to the presence of additional currents, occurring at low tide. It influenced the trajectory of the vessel. Besides, no one controlled the movement of the ship to the coordinates.

Text: GTRK “Karelia”