The CEC finished processing the ballots

the Central election Commission (CEC) of Russia has processed 100% of protocols. According to them, amendments to the Constitution on the national vote supported 77,92% came to the polls. Against the amendments in favor of 21.27% voted.

According to the latest data, the total turnout was 65%. Champions in support of the amendment, according to become Chechnya, Tuva and the Crimea. Championship in support of the amendments to the Constitution holds the Chechen Republic. The changes are supported 97,92%. 96,79% support amendments made in Tuva. In the Crimea “for” the amendments voted 90,07% came to the polls. “For” the amendments to the Constitution 89,19% of the voters of Dagestan.

amendments to the Constitution is also supported by the Moscow and Saint Petersburg. They voted positively, respectively, 65,29% and 77,66%. Did not support the amendments voted in the Nenets Autonomous district and in new York.

the vote on the amendments to the Constitution was scheduled to be held on 22 April 2020, but because of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 the people’s will was postponed to 1 July. The counting of the CEC according to the law is set to 5 days, another three days — on their publication. Amendments to the Constitution will come into force immediately after the publication of the results of voting.