The child flew off the ride in front of parents

the Young resident of Alma-ATA suffered multiple fractures in the fall from the ride, according to TengriNews. Eyewitnesses filmed the dangerous moment.

the Incident occurred on the afternoon of 4 January in the Park on mount Kok-Tobe. The footage shows how the instructor prepares 13-year-old visitor to jump on the ride “the Slingshot”. One of those present advised the teenager to lift his head, but the other is not recommended to do.

After the ride is powered, the boy soared into the sky, but at the height of about five meters of the mount has weakened, and he collapsed to the ground. According to one version, the instructor incorrectly secured safety belt, on the other, the young person prevented this right to fasten.

the Victim was taken to the hospital with multiple fractures of hands and feet, his condition does not cause concern among physicians.

Two days earlier, January 2, in the Uzbek Fergana killed a visitor on the head which dropped the detail of the ride Booster Max.