The Chinese have confirmed bubonic plague

Chinese farmer discovered the bubonic plague, reports the newspaper “Sinitsina”. The rancher was hospitalized after a trip to the epidemiological nidus of bubonic plague. In the city of Bayan Nur (Inner Mongolia) announced third-level epidemiological warning. Residents are recommended not to hunt wild animals, when suspected disease to immediately report to the appropriate authorities.

Before the incident in China the bubonic plague got sick two residents of Mongolia. The authorities of the Republic stated that took the necessary steps and reasons for concern in the neighboring Republic of Altai no.

the Bubonic plague is spread through fleas, a parasite on the marmots, which the inhabitants of southern Siberia, Mongolia and China, despite bans, eat. getting sick after a bite of a sick rodent. In rare cases you can become infected when cutting the carcass of a Groundhog. However, the disease becomes contagious when it passes into the pulmonary form and transmitted already airborne.