The CHL.

In the Continental hockey League continues next game day of the regular season. In Novosibirsk local “Siberia” took Chelyabinsk “Tractor”. The game is very nervous and the hosts in the end we achieved victory with the score 5:2.

“Sibir” is a very good beginning of the meeting and in the 13th minute led 2:0 after exact throws Loginov and Puustinen. However, “tractor” was not going to give up, gradually leveled the game, and the attack was not worse than the hosts. And in the second period of Boom and Sedlak regained balance.

However, in the end of the second 20-minute Balls again brought forward of Siberians, and the third hosts are carefully deter attacks Chelyabinsk, and was able not only to protect minimal, but efforts milovzorov and Sustova has made it confident of victory.