The city authorities recommended not to leave home for the holidays

the Moscow Authorities do not recommend people to go out in the Day of Russia. This was stated by the mayor Sergei Sobyanin the TV channel “Russia 24”.

No extras should not be, since such events in Moscow yet. Sergei Sobyanin noted that the city will go to official events, timed to the Day of Russia and the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, but it is better to watch it on TV.

the mayor also spoke about remote work. According to him, the decision to return to the office to be taken by the employers. This Sobyanin drew attention to the fact that encourages people to engage in working activity the maximum remotely. In that case, if the person is still in the office or factory, he must strictly adhere to sanitary requirements.

the mayor also said that city government would not establish a quarantine for people from other regions who come to Moscow.

the mayor recommended not to use public playgrounds. Currently, they are closed, they plan to open June 23, if you will allow the epidemiological situation. Sobyanin drew attention to the fact that today’s playgrounds is prohibited, but when they open, health and safety requirements and the level of disinfection will be strengthened.

the Mayor said that compliance with city residents mode of self-preservation will provide the city authorities more guarantees for the weekly removal of various limitations for the “new normal reality.” Citizens need to protect yourself and family because the virus is not yet defeated, and the risks of getting sick are high. You should refrain from going to places of a mass congestion of people, you need to wear a mask and gloves.