on 2 July Vladimir Putin signed the Decree “About assignment of honorary titles of the Russian Federation “City of labor valor”. Before such was not. This high award is 20 Russian cities. The wording “for significant contribution to urban residents in achieving Victory in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945, ensuring the smooth production of military and civil product industrial plants, demonstrated that a mass labor heroism and selflessness”. Millions of Soviet citizens – women, children — worked in the rear to the front. Without them, the victory over fascism would be impossible.

the Old worker, a veteran of the First world laid his hand on the boys shoulder. And a young, fragile girl. Of course, they are not warriors, but there under the fluttering banner. Heroes of the labor front, the steel heart of Russia, indomitable fortitude and perseverance. In “labor of valor and glory” to the historic law find its place new monuments. And the opening ceremony everywhere is really solemn.

the Citizens remember. Working “Gas”, “red Sormovo”, the 21st aircraft and machine — grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those who under incessant raids by day and by night worked in these enterprises, collected 846 thousand signatures in support of the assignment of the native Lower the rank of “City of labor merit”.

Every third plane, every third tank and almost half of the submarines were made here. And all this under the sounds of the sirens of defense, the whistling of the falling of the city of bombs. The Germans wanted to completely destroy the Bitter. And the machines were teenagers, women and the elderly.

with a salute and unimaginable beauty of the light show on the walls of the ancient Kremlin in honor of the nameless heroes of labor. Levitanovskoy “Moscow speaking!” all over the country raced from Kuibyshev (now Samara), where in 1941, along with Moscow and Voronezh also held the legendblack military parade. “The spare capital of the Soviet Union”, one of the centers of military industry, the largest transportation hub.

At the monument of Glory in the center of Samara — the youth. With memorable characters as the eternal reference point — the names of plants. Memory bear carefully on his hands, not hiding my emotions.

Fireworks and flash mobs, light shows and concerts in honor of the participants of those labor fights in each of the 20 cities that received the new state insignia. A giant feat, incredible dedication. With the beginning of the war, the factories of front areas were evacuated and heroically in an incredibly short period of 3 thousands of businesses, 25 million people.

One of the cities that the front meets the assignment of high rank, — Omsk. In Irkutsk and Tomsk party all night. Dawn is greeted with their families, because every family has its heroes behind.

the Sky over the Urals colored lights of the fireworks . In Nizhny Tagil, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Perm thundered a single volley, and the thousand “Hooray!” and picked up gleeful choir gathered in the squares of cities awarded.

In Magnitogorsk citizens have few days are going to worship the Eternal flame. And many unable to hold back the tears.

In the Central part of Russia celebrate Ivanovo, Yaroslavl and the small town of Borovichi in the Novgorod region. Per resident of this small district had saved several soldiers ‘ lives. Borovichi, made it almost impossible to bring the Win back in operation 70 thousand soldiers. At the turn of the Luga city hospital, being a few kilometers from the front line, became the center of the operative surgery of the country.

he Said not really Moscow — Ufa. Radio Comintern — the Bastion of world anti-fascist propaganda. In just 4 months the station was evacuated from the capital and launched. Hundreds of residents were digging the frozen ground to lay communication lines, — 6 kilometers per day. A feat that many years wouldl secret.

he Worked in Ufa and evacuated the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. And yet the production of aircraft engines, oil and fuel for the front. Walked endless trains of the rear and front areas in the city and back to front, Laden with oil, fuel, and aircraft engines. Everything for the Victory.

Every third cartridge at the front was manufactured in Ulyanovsk. More than five billion. High rank the city receives by right. His joy he pours into the streets.

Video of a solemn salute in honor of the Ulyanovsk assign a high rank “the City of labour valour and glory” hits record hits on social media. Today’s generation of Ulyanovsk holds in their hearts the grateful memory of the soldiers at the front and home front workers, youth proudly continues to give his energy, talent, labor, homeland.

“the winter People created wealth were lost and won”, — said the head of Ulyanovsk Sergey Panchin.

Novosibirsk Grand celebration — near the theatre of Opera and ballet. Sound and songs of the war years. The culmination of the celebrations — and-light show on the building of the theatre and fireworks.

the city’s residents during the war in factories per day was performed on 10 business rules. It was released every third shell , 797 15 fighters to the front. In the German documents, the notion of “Aviaprad” by which the Nazis meant Novosibirsk. From this city started the Union movement under the slogan: “Work for myself and went to the front friend”.

“In an open field in a matter of months started a real industrial center,” – said the Governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilev.

an Incredible burden of responsibility for the front fell on the shoulders of children, sisters, mothers, and the few remaining at the rear of professional oilmen, farmers, scientists, doctors, metallurgists.

In Novokuznetsk the publication of the results in Moscow were watching live. In the Central square among thousands gorozhan — veterans of the home front.

Armor, drenched with tears and sweat produced in the permanent labor watch, was stronger than all the power of the Ruhr. Few of the generation of victors have lived up to the assignment hometowns, mills, plants, factories, hospitals and granaries honorary title.

In the rear of the country gave Victory to all forces, inhuman labor, creating weapons and ammunition for the front. In memory of the unseen world of labor valor will install the stele with city emblems and the text of the presidential decree about assignment of a rank.

Text: “News of the week”