The claims of the Polish art unfounded: expert's answer

the Claims of Poland to the number of works of art, both in the Pushkin Museum, unfounded, this was stated by the President of the State Museum of fine arts of a name of Pushkin Irina Antonova.

According to her, in the case of claims from Warsaw should receive accurate targeted treatment, which painting and the author of from a Polish Museum disappeared, and in which the Russian Museum, in Poland’s opinion, turned out to be. Antonov noted that while these letters were not received, therefore, all the claims of Poland are groundless, reports RIA Novosti.

Earlier, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland has declared the rights to a number of art objects in Russia.

January 7, marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Warsaw. But the anniversary date, the Polish authorities refused to mention, saying he did not see a reason for celebrations. The behaviour of Poland, said the head of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov. He noted that the country’s demolition of the monument to the red army and the Polish leadership intends to use the forthcoming in Jerusalem, the Holocaust forum for rewriting the history.

the Ministry of defence has published archival documents that shed light on the details of the Vistula-Oder operation, during which the city was recaptured from the Nazis, the Warsaw uprising and what happened in the concentration camps that the third Reich staged in Poland.

the Soviet soldiers just kicked the Nazis out of Poland, the troops were tasked to urgent care. Declassified archives have amazing figures. From August 1944 to may 1945, the Red Army gave the population of Poland 138 thousand tons of grain, four thousand tons of flour, meat, sugar, potatoes; machinery, including agricultural commodities; clothing, linen, shoes; repaired Railways, roads, bridges.

the Vistula-Oder operation was preceded by the Warsaw uprising, which was led from London, the so-called immigrant government. The main goal was to seize Warsaw before the arrival of the red ArMIA. A hastily prepared operation was doomed to failure. Victims of political adventure began almost 200 thousand poles.

While the Polish government in London played the politics, the Red Army repulsed powerful counter-attacks three armored divisions near Warsaw, thus finding the strength to send food, arms to rebels, support them with artillery. At the same time the home Army (subordinated to the immigrant government) were active in anti-Soviet propaganda. However, according to the documents, was on account of the home Army “exploits” and more serious. All the Ukrainian people who remained in the city, were cut or shot. Forces Polish corps security was also destroyed the remnants of the Jews who did not manage to destroy the Germans.

Moscow repeatedly pointed out that some European countries are trying to rewrite history. In mid-December 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Poland colluded with Nazi Germany. At the disposal of Russia there is proof of negotiations in different countries with the Third Reich.