The coffin Soleimani driven across the country

Tehran has warned that it is ready to resume its development of nuclear industry in response to the assassination of Qassem Soleimani. The coffin with the General’s body being taken through the whole Iran — to the capital, where funeral will be held. Part in the funeral procession took more than 2 million people.

the Entire Shiite world continues to see Americans killed by the Iranian General. Body Soleimani plane from Iraq delivered to Iran. Thousands of supporters of the former commander of special forces “al-Quds” Islamic revolutionary guards Corps in Ahwaz say goodbye to Soleimani.

the Funeral procession chanting curses against US, burning the stars and stripes. Officials of the Islamic Republic is sending signals, perhaps, the Western world, but primarily the Iranians want to be heard in Washington. Here’s a snippet of an interview with the military Advisor to Ayatollah Hussein Homen Degana American CNN (TV channel supports Democrats): “Our response will, of course, the military. And it will be directed against military installations of the United States. Our leadership has officially declared that does not seek war and will not look for war. This is America started the war, and we must take adequate measures in response to their actions. The only way to end this war is to cause America strike, which is equivalent to the fact that they have caused us. And then they don’t have to start a new cycle.”

In Tehran, don’t forget to respond to bizarre statements of Mr. trump. The foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic uses Twitter, so the American leader accurately read and understood. “Those who are pretending to be diplomats who shamelessly takes aim at the Iranian cultural objects and civilians probably don’t even bother to open a legal dictionary,” writes Javad Zarif.

the Killing of the IRGC General and Deputy commander of the Shiite militias of Iraq continues to effectively consolidate anti-American forces in the region around shiitskogoon the web. Washington make it clear that the answer is inevitable, and in the case of direct collision will be at war the entire region, not just Iran.

Immediately after the murder Soleimani Western propagandists began to explain to the voters trump, why America breaks international relations, is pushing Iran to rapidly develop nuclear weapons and is once again trying to plunge the region into chaos. So, while not very convincing. The Islamic revolutionary guard corps in General, and Soleimani in particular demonized spent in Libya and Iraq scheme. This approach only works because so many readers and viewers of the Western mainstream media is bad to understand where all of these Iran and Iraq.

Generally it is strange that Americans nasopalatine approached the formation of public opinion. No test tubes, no hematic. It seems that trump is counting on regional allies, Israel and the Gulf monarchies.