The collapse of Boeing 737 in Tehran: details

Kiev has published the names of the victims. In the list of 167 passengers (citizens of seven countries) and 9 crew members. The liner made flight to Kiev and ceased to go on air in two minutes after takeoff. What are the details?

the Search operation at the crash site of the Boeing 737 does not stop for a second. In black and green bags — the bodies of the dead. The procedure of identification will be difficult. Body badly burned.

the First pictures from the scene of the tragedy on the ground in the blazing fuel. The spread of the wreckage of more than two hectares.

the Crashed airliner completely new to three years. A couple of days before the tragedy was the technical service. Before the Board made a flight from Yerevan to Kiev, from Kiev to Milan and back. And then to Tehran. The airline “Ukraine International airlines”, said – no complaints there.

the capital of Iran the plane arrived on schedule, but took off late for almost an hour. The Iranian official version — technical problems (ignited one of the plane engines).

“I would like to Express its condolences to the family and friends of those who died in this horrible disaster. The crash happened due to technical reasons. The flight was delayed for an hour due to technical reasons,” — said the press attache of Embassy of Iran in Ukraine Hadi Sagrari.

the Experts will study not only the flight documentation, but the negotiations with the controllers. Will be considered and other versions of the tragedy – elementary overload the plane or piloting error. But in the “Ukrainian airlines” in the experience of pilots is not in doubt. The commander of crew – more than 12 thousand hours of flying time.

According to witnesses, the victims could be more. Miraculously Boeing crashed in a residential quarter. The pilots managed to guide the plane to the football field, in a water utility.

the Flight was in transit. This means that almost all passengers through the capital of Ukraine wanted to go further, including in Canada. Ukrainians on Board were 11, of which ninthfive members of the crew.

Immediately after the crash Boeing in the airport Boryspil on the scoreboard for a long time burned the words “Flight cancelled”. Relatives who were able to come, there has begun to provide psychological assistance. Reporters of the Ukrainian TV channels every hour from the airport went live with the latest information.

Flights over Iran and over Iraq immediately after the disaster agreed to suspend many countries. USA this list became the first. Black boxes of the airliner discovered, but the Iranian side refuses to hand over the flight recorders of the Boeing specialists. In Tehran are afraid of fraud and provocation of the Americans.