The collapse of the

the Main version of the crash Fokker-100 airline Bek Air near Alma-ATA is the icing of the aircraft. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Roman Sklyar. Violations on commercial loading and alignment of the aircraft have not been identified.

in addition, the identified abuses on the part of akimat of Talgar district of Almaty region of Kazakhstan, who were illegally issued permits for the construction of houses at the Almaty airport, reports “Interfax”. Land in a sanitary-protective zone of the airport for conducting a personal part-time farm, including the construction of housing, issued from 2015 until the end of 2019.

27 Dec 2019 departing from Almaty to Nur-Sultan crashed aircraft Fokker-100. It skidded off the runway, struck a concrete fence and crashed into a newly built two-storey house. On Board the aircraft were 98 people, including five crew members. 12 people were killed and 69 injured. Among the victims are nine children.

the Kazakh airline Bek Air believes that the suspension of flight certificate of the company after the accident has occurred in violation of existing rules. JSC “Aviation administration of Kazakhstan” does not provide the company’s explanation, complained to the management of the airline to the Ministry of industry and infrastructural development of Kazakhstan. In addition, the employees of the airline were seized crossing to access the airport of Alma-ATA, which does not allow them to tackle daily tasks, maintenance of aircraft, which is a highly regulated, mission-critical and complex set of works.

the Bek Air has requested assistance in the accelerated restoration of the air operator certificate to the airline.