The collapse of under construction shopping center: completed rescue work

At the scene of the collapse of the floors in a newly built shopping centre in the city of Zuevka Kirov region completed work on extracting people from the rubble. Extracted three dead, one person is handed over to the doctors, reported the press service of EMERCOM of Russia.

the work involved 63 people and 16 units of equipment, including from EMERCOM of 33 individuals and nine units of equipment.

the floor in the building of the shopping centre collapsed on Sunday morning, July 5. The area of the collapse amounted to about 250 square meters, under the rubble were four people. Earlier it was reported that three victims died.

a criminal case under article 216 of the criminal code “Violation of safety rules at conducting building or other works”. The circumstances of the incident verifies that the regional Prosecutor’s office.

the Developer of the collapsed building in Zuyevka Anatoly Leskov is a private investor who led the work on its own territory. He had all the necessary documents, the building permit and the project.

Leskov previously received comments, but not on this subject, reported TASS the head of the administration of the municipality Anatoliy Koshcheev. Next to it another building on the same site he was building another object.

Now, with the developer talking to the investigators. According to koshcheeva, worked on the construction site the residents of the Kirov region.