The collapsed bridge near Murmansk has created a barrier to spawning salmon

Collapsed bridge near Murmansk has created problems for spawning fish. Migration routes of salmon have fallen blocked the construction of the crossing. Meet floating up the river the Atlantic salmon roll fry and spawning again.

according to GTRK “Murman”, Glavrybvod already reported the situation to the Prosecutor and territorial management in Severomorsk. Now the Agency establish damage to biological resources and their habitat.

Recall that a railway bridge collapsed near Murmansk on 1 June during the renovations. One of the pillars of the crossing the flood washed away two days earlier. As a result of incident nobody has suffered, but the government of the region introduced a state of emergency in the Kalush district. Eighteen trains stood in the Murmansk region.

Text: GTRK “Murman”