The conductor dropped off 12-year-old schoolgirl in the wasteland: the child did not work travel

In the suburbs will check the shipping company, whose employees are dropped from the trolley 12-year-old schoolgirl. The girl, which didn’t work travel, was left at an unfamiliar bus stop in Moscow — between the wasteland, a forest and a lively interchange. To get to the city, the child had to make a way, unsafe even for an adult.

a Quiet home girl, more child than teenager… She didn’t expect that the trip from Moscow to her grandmother in Khimki will result in a dangerous adventure. And all for nothing: in the bus didn’t work travel, although the money on the card was. The conductor was asked to leave.

— Made three times, said I don’t read travel and asked me to go to the next stop came. The following was before the ring road.

Vasilina shows a stop in a vacant lot — around the forest, people do not. The girl was confused and took, perhaps, not the best solution:

I knew where Khimki. I had to cross four times in Moscow.

Moscow and Khimki shares the cloverleaf interchange on the ring. Without traffic lights and crossings need to cross four of the motorway. Vasilina managed a miracle.

— As under the car was?

I waited, when they will not, because he managed to defect.

Already in Khimki the girl helped pedestrians: put in a taxi. Grandmother, Olena Korchynska, barely having recovered, wrote a complaint to the trolley Park.

— take the Child and drop out of the bus — is it possible? Drop you in the city, not on the vacant lot where the bushes and the freeway. We could lose the baby!

the Family was invited to the analysis of the situation, showed a video from the salon. The conductor Galina guilty itself does not consider:

— no One planted. You know how we have planted over man standing, and I abilitie and sat down.

the trolleybus Park to apologize too. Supposedly the map for travel in the suburbs is not suitable. The girl allegedly kicked — there it was.

“It’s not a dangerous place, it’s stopping point. Violation of the rules, the conductor not installed”, — said the head of the municipal enterprise “Hemelektronik” Alexander Vasiliev.

However, in the regional Ministry of transport is going to spend his check to understand the history.

“in 2017 in the Moscow region introduced the rule that it is forbidden to drop off children who are unable to pay the fare. All drivers and conductors with this rule acquainted,” — said the head of management of passenger transport of Ministry of transport of the Moscow region Vitaly Frolov.

And yet, these stories happen regularly. For example, in Korolev the driver dropped the student, who wanted to pay cash, because the virus is not recommended. Or another 12-year-old girl left abandoned at the station in the forest, because she slept through my stop. One teenager in the subway took social security card, because with them was not the identity of a large family.

Well, in all these stories the children were not injured. Too bad that the carrier remained unpunished. Federal law States: no ticket — no obligation to carry. In the state Duma want to change it. The bill passed its first reading.

“prohibits the landing of children up to 16 years if discovered that they didn’t buy a ticket,” — said the Deputy head of the state Duma Committee on transport and construction S. Moskvichev.

And while the drivers, conductors and controllers resemble — their actions can be qualified as “abandonment in danger.” Responsibility — to a year in prison.