The Constitution in 2020: the keys for decryption of online votes transferred to the five guardians

the Key to decrypt the votes for the nationwide electronic voting on amendments to the Russian Constitution formed in the Public headquarters for the monitoring and surveillance of processes of will. This key allows you to maintain complete anonymity. When the electronic vote is encrypted, the transaction, in order to decipher the distribution of votes need a second encryption key.

This key on June 22 was formed and divided between the five guardians. Part of the key will be stored in these people until the end of voting – up to 20 hours on 1 July, said the head of the Department for the improvement of territorial administration and development of smart projects of the government of Moscow Artem Kostyrko. Part of the electronic key to decrypt the outcome of the vote was divided and recorded on five flash drives, notes “Interfax”.

It again will be loaded into the SAS “Vybory” when the counting of votes. But to separate the keys enough. Created special license plates bags, which protect the drives from unauthorized opening adds co-movement in defense of voters ‘ rights “Golos” and the walls of staff Grigory Melkonyants. Without violating the integrity of the package impossible to use a key. Five safe packets will be stored in the Bank. This gives an additional guarantee that no one will be able to collect the key ahead of time. Cell booked on the name Melkoniantsi, ka representative of civil society.

E-voting will be held from 25 to 30 June in Moscow and in Nizhny Novgorod region. For e-voting answers in the two regions created in Moscow by the territorial election Commission. As of June 1, all Russian voters to Express their attitude to the amendments to the Main law of Russia at the polls. Until June 23, you can apply for the postponement of the election from one region to another. It is important for those who in day of voting will be on a business trip or holiday in another region.