The construction of the highway Moscow – Kazan in four years: workable supertasks

it is Technically possible to complete the construction of the new M12 highway Moscow — Kazan in 2024 2027 instead of th, although such precedents in Russia yet was not. This was told to journalists the head of the state company “Avtodor” Vyacheslav Petushenko.

According to him, the task of accelerating the construction 2027 2024 — “just supertasks”. In this case, in a month you need to start designing and by the end of this year to begin preparation.

In the history of Russia and the Soviet Union, with the exception of the great Patriotic war, there were no precedents, he said Petushenko.

“But, by and large, if this task to deliver, it’s real,” he says.

what is planned in parallel to design and build new track, and as early as possible to prepare the area and re-arrangement of communications with the aim to build a facility for 4 years instead of eight, said earlier this month supervising the construction of the highway by Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin.

According to Vyacheslav Petushenko, to build the track plan M12 on the basis of state contracts by attracting funding for the state-owned companies, RIA Novosti reported. This year we need to start design of the facility, contracted to prepare the area below in the middle of 2021 to start the construction.

to solve this problem, there must be political will, says the head of “Ukravtodor”. If any technically possible.

a New Federal highway with a length of 794 km long will be built on behalf of the President of Russia. It will pass through Moscow, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod region, Chuvash Republic and Tatarstan. As one of the sections of the international transport route “Europe — Western China” it is included in the comprehensive plan for the modernization and expansion of major transport infrastructure of Russia until 2024.

the Track to halve the journey time between thchildbirth. The project cost is estimated at 730 billion rubles, including the Tolyatti bypass with a bridge over the Volga.