The convoluted impeachment: trump plays Golf and burns the money of the Americans

as the decade ends, President trump, not to be envied. So, the scene with his participation disappeared from the cult film “home Alone” — it cut to the canadian television it seems like due to the fact that you had to reduce the timing for advertising.

Trump impeachment is declared, and he and mustache is not blowing. For the Christmas holidays ran away from the cold of Washington. Here is his motorcade in Florida, the President went to the Golf club.

the Journalists say, trump plays Golf three times more often than Obama. Taxpayers ‘ money to fly in expensive fields. It is estimated that on an expensive hobby, the White house has spent almost $ 120 million.

“He burned money at 296 times more than the annual salaries, put the President of the United States, the game of Golf,” — outraged the Americans.

In Florida he beats mercilessly on the keys — daily tweets — dozens. Those who carefully read the tape trump, notice how the rhetoric has changed President. During the impeachment of negative words more and more. The President tries to explain: instead of doing normal work, he is forced to fend off attacks of enemies-Democrats. Here complains about how under the yoke of impeachment invented him difficult to negotiate with foreign counterparts.

And continue to build international relationships can be even harder. Rumors that the President of trump “leaving” his Secretary of state Pompeo, has not appeared today. But recently, having been in Kansas, diplomats allegedly confirmed that goes to the senators. The white house is already seeking a replacement.

most trump writes about the impeachment, which duty calls a “witch hunt”, and just swinging beats to each phrase according to the leader of the democratic majority in the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi.

“What right crazy Nancy has to delay the process in the Senate? No! She’s worthless evidence, and she wants to make it so that the result did not become for her defeat. “Witch hunt” must end now process in the Senate,” said trump.

because in the Senate on the impeachment suddenly can put a cross, the fact there is still not transferred. The democratic majority of the lower house of Congress is afraid of biased process is not in vain. The Senate is under the control of the party of trump, and Republicans do not hide their plans.

“Everything I do, is happening in full coordination with the White house counsel. There will be no difference between President’s position and our position. This whole process, I hope, will be completed in a very short time and in close cooperation with representatives of the President,” said Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader in Congress.

This revelation, of course, made wary Democrats, but some Republicans shocked by what he heard.

“For me, this means that we need to take a step back to be together protection, and therefore, when they heard that said leader McConnell, I thought it was even more confusing process,” said Senator Lisa Murkowski.

What to do next, don’t seem to know those who process up to. The Democrats, despite the Christmas holidays, we constantly consult. The impeachment announced by the House of representatives, but his words told the Senate and all the powers of a trump stay. So, continue to annoy foes, playing Golf.