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the TV channel “Russia 1” — a conversation with Tatiana Ovsienko. Some of the songs in her performance for a quarter of a century sing millions of people, and “Female happiness – there would be darling nearby” for someone- a principle of life, and for someone – a reason to engage in disputes.

However, this and other songs Ovsienko became one of the most popular singers since the days of the USSR In the 1980s, Tatiana, who worked as a costume designer in the group “Mirage”, suddenly received an offer to become a soloist, as Natalia Vetlitskaya decided to do a solo career.

Tatiana recalls that first scene out was scary, although she studied at a music school and sang in the Choir of radio and television. However, she had put a condition: to lose weight.

For the month Ovsiyenko got rid of 16 pounds, and came on the scene.

Almost immediately, Tatiana became very popular, but there has been an accident, the bus in which along with the group went Ovsienko from one concert to another, got into a terrible accident.

she Woke up already in the Institute sklifosofskiy with fracture of the lumbar spine. The singer was at home and could not walk. It was even said that she will never stand on his feet, but found the doctor who saved her unique method.

Generally in the life of Tatiana much dashing turns from a showdown with the bandits because of the songs in the 1990s, when she decided to leave “Mirage”, the main love of his life and marriage with a man who was in prison for a very serious article.

once it was even called “the bride of the bandit”, but few know that she has at least two lives.

Once, when Ovsiyenko, who graduated from the hospitality College and worked in a prestigious hotel, helped there to settle the then popular group “electroclub” and saved from a terrible Allergy attack producer Vladimir Dubovitsky.

At that time, he was the husband of Irina Allegrova, but years later the Union dissolved, and Dubovitsky and Asianto become spouses.

He also helped her succeed as a solo singer, when Tatiana after the accident left the “Mirage”. However, after some time their marriage broke up, and Ovsienko vowed again not to go, but she met his man, which, in recognition of the singer, felt “inner rainbow”

His arrest and the terrible truth about his favorite steel for Tatiana blow, but she still waited for his happiness.

one life saved is a life of Igor, a boy from the orphanage, which she noticed when there were. Baby pale, sunken into the soul of the singer, was a conscientious objector with a congenital heart defect.

to Help the boy could only Institute Bakuleva, and Tatiana managed to achieve this. After Igor had conducted a successful operation, it has not been able to part with him and adopted the boy. He is now a father myself, and Tatiana’s grandmother.

what was the reaction of Igor, when I learned that he is not a native son of the popular singer? Who saved the very Ovsienko, when the doctors said that she will not be able to walk?

whether Tatiana in 1986 was supposed to be on a wrecked ship “Admiral Nakhimov”, and that this was taken?

Ka Ovsiyenko got to the song “trucker”? What divorced her husband, and why divorce was more fun wedding? Lee is friends with Irina Allegrova, and when in her life appeared Viktor Chayka, Larisa Rubalskaya?

this not only Tatiana Ovsiyenko says Boris Korchevnikov in the “Destiny of man” on TV channel “Russia 1”.