The court has pronounced a sentence to members of the organization

the Second Western district military court has sentenced two members of the banned terrorist organization “Network”.

Industrial climber Victor Filinkova and programmer Julia Bojarinova sentenced to 7 and 5.5 years of imprisonment in a General regime colony, respectively, reports RIA Novosti.

the FSB stopped the activities of “Network” in the fall of 2017. At the beginning of 2019, in this case to 3.5 years in prison, was convicted resident of St. Petersburg Igor Shishkin (he pleaded guilty and made a deal with the investigation).

Later, the Volga district military court has sentenced seven members of the group. Dmitry Pchelintsev, Ilya Sikorski, Basil Kuksov, Andrey Chernov, Mikhail Kulkov, max Ivankin and Arman sagimbaev received from 6 to 18 years of imprisonment in colonies of General and strict regime. They are accused under articles about creation of a terrorist community, illegal trafficking in weapons, explosives and drugs, but pleaded not guilty.

Filinkov and Boyarshinov found guilty under the article “participation in a terrorist community”.

On the court Boyarshinov admitted his guilt and told about the formation of the St. Petersburg cell of the organization. Filinkov has rejected the charges and claimed that during the arrest he tried to get a confession.