The court: two houses on the ruble presented the granddaughter Chernomyrdin illegally

Giving the granddaughter of former Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin’s Chernomyrdina of land with two houses in the village of Gorki-10 on the ruble and her father Vitaly Chernomyrdin, Moscow district Arbitration court declared illegal. Previously, the same decision was made and the two lower courts.

In September 2016, the court received the bankruptcy petition Vitaly Chernomyrdin.

the First restructuring of its debt was introduced a year according to the statement of VTB Bank, payables to which accounted for more than 304 million rubles, and the largest creditor, whose claims included in the register of creditors Vitaly Chernomyrdin, is a metallurgical company, Severstal, commitment to her estimated to be worth about 18 billion rubles.

with respect to land with two houses on the ruble, which the father gave the daughter, according to the court, these gift deeds have signs of the alleged transactions to view for the purpose of withdrawal of liquid assets of the debtor.

the Court found that at the time of the transactions Vitaly Chernomyrdin meets the signs of insolvency, as there were several outstanding solutions for the recovery of cash assets.

Against this were made by the representatives of Mary Chernomyrdin and Gazprombank, in the pledge which was given by the debtor, RIA Novosti reported.