The CPS identified more than 100 people with signs of the new virus and visited the China

the Chief state sanitary doctor of Russia Anna Popova commented on the situation with the Chinese epidemic. She told me about the number of Russians who have the signs of coronavirus, the dangers of parcels from China, the vaccine against infection, and also, what is the probability of spread of the disease on the territory of our country.

According to Anna Popova, today in Russia revealed more than a hundred people who have signs of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV and visited China. The doctor noted that they were isolated, placed in the hospital box in the house and fully inspected. Popov stressed that in none of the cases was not selected coronavirus, said “Russia 24”.

the Chief state sanitary doctor said that parcels from China safe. It is unlikely that coronavirus can be transmitted in this way. Popov said that today no recorded cases of infection of parcels. According to her, the virus does not survive temperatures of 40 degrees, not very resistant in the environment. The doctor stressed that this point requires confirmation.

Anna Popova said that Russia has almost no subjects exceeded the epidemic threshold for influenza. According to the doctor, on the background of a simple coronavirus influenza and community-acquired pneumonia is also extremely important. Popov noted that the measures taken until the winter, gave its unconditional effect. For today the situation with the flu below the epidemic level.

the Chief sanitary doctor said that at the present time is to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus, including in Russia. Popov noted that the CPS hope to develop a cure as soon as possible, but the prognosis could not be difficult.

the Doctor told me about the appearance of the coronavirus in the territory of Russia. According to her, the need to focus not on predictions, and on the measures being taken. There is an complete set of necessary actions to identify the threat of infection.

Earlier it was reported that the number of victims of the new coronavirus has increased to eighty. In recent days the number of infected has increased by a third. Currently, more than 2,800.