The CPS is afraid of drafts during the exam

Rosobrnadzor recommended that during the exam, particular attention should be paid to the open window did not prevent the conduct of examinations.

“every year, there are times when the wind through the open window test materials participants fly,” said the acting head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev, the meeting with the organizers of the exam, reports “Interfax”.

According to him, then put the kits is impossible, as the leaves impersonal and coded. In the end, you have to conduct the exam again.

According to Anzor Muzaev, this year such cases, there may be a lot, as the exam is held in the hottest month of the summer, and recommendations to seal the window there. Moreover, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the CPS recommends that regular airing in the classroom.

“Therefore, to open the Windows very carefully” — recommended Muzaev the organizers of the exam.

Commenting on the dissatisfaction of many teachers is the fact that all the organizers need to reside in a mask and gloves, Anzor Muzaev said that the demands of sanitary inspectors will have to comply.

“We understand the heavy norm, especially for southern regions. But can not do anything. The CPS insists”, he said.

the Decision about whether the graduates to be on the exam in the mask, take the regional authorities.