The crash Boeing Ukrainian: we can not forget who fired the first shot

As the world was on the verge of the impossible?

Iran launches ballistic missiles at American bases. Like the movie, but not a movie at all. On the anniversary of the Islamic revolution on American bases in Iraq bombings. Seemed like once Sarajevo, Baghdad shot trump gave rise to the great war.

the Great war has not happened yet, but a great tragedy has occurred. The Iranian military is not deliberately, accidentally shot down a civilian airliner with passengers on Board. Flight Tehran — Kiev Ukraine International airlines was destroyed by Iranian missiles air defense systems. The airliner crashed at 15 kilometers North from the international airport of Tehran, all 176 people that were on Board were killed.

the Iranian Authorities took very little time to take responsibility for the disaster. Even surprising, if we recall a similar tragedy, United States, Soviet Union, Ukraine by mistake destroyed civil aircraft.

“We’re sorry for this tragedy. We mourn with the families of these martyrs. We seem to have lost their own loved ones. All this is a result of the hostile and subversive activities of America in the region. That night we were preparing for a full-scale military conflict. In the sky flew military aircraft of the enemy, moved recently to the region and probability of occurrence in our airspace, fighter or cruise missile was extremely high,” said Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of aerospace forces of the IRGC.

Tehran is ready to pay compensation to the relatives of the victims of the disaster, most of the victims were citizens of the Islamic Republic, send the materials of the investigation and the black boxes of the Boeing aircraft specialists. Iranian authorities admitted the guilt completely, but has made a reservation, saying it gave the United States the start of the escalation that ultimately led to the tragedy. And it is difficult to argue. The Americans attacked Iran, trump gave the order to kill the General of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, in fact, Obshowed the war on the Islamic Republic.

General Soleimani was not just well-known and popular military leader. He was not just a conductor of ideas of Ayatollah Homen. General killed — for many years co-author of Iran’s influence in the region, the architect of the consolidation of the Shiite world. Moreover, Soleimani is really one of the most prominent fighters against the terrorist group ISIL (banned in Russia) in Iraq and Syria.

He was a national hero, but became the banner of anti-American forces in the region. Said goodbye to General all the Shiite world, millions watched Soleimani in the recent path, listening to angry speech daughter of the General.

“Millions saw the silent tears of the Ayatollah. Homen mourned slain trump the General as a son. There is certainly both personal and public. The Supreme leader of the Islamic Republic remained without the most faithful follower,” said Zeinab Soleimani.

After this farewell to slain seemed that Iran will choose the tough response to the killing are actually the third person in the country. Rhetoric and did not promise anything good.

the head of trump announced a reward of $ 80 million. The foreign Minister of the Republic of Zarif daily on Twitter, probably to the American leader accurately read, quietly threatened Washington.

Threatened, and in the White house. The US President even promised to destroy the cultural heritage in the Islamic Republic. The Pentagon has deployed additional forces in the region, and experts have wondered how Iran will be able to hold out. Iran quietly counted. Tehran’s response was not to match the rhetoric.

Ballistic missiles struck American bases accurately. The U.S. military did not see the launches. Aerospace force of the IRGC destroyed secondary buildings. But the attack on American targets happened for the first time, probably since Vietnam. The Iranians were given to understand that know how to shoot, to shoot accurately and next time the aim can be, for example, barracks with a personal compAvon.

the Report of the TV channel CNN. The correspondent is on the basis of al-Assad. These frames are best illustrated by the Iranian restraint. Limited to the face.

This hour, the war would be an example of how to rattle the saber and not to kill, but failed. The crash of the Ukrainian Boeing is a direct consequence of the escalation, and without removing responsibility from Iran, we must not forget who fired the first shot. Washington will certainly try to take advantage of Iran’s honesty. Can’t the administration trump to miss this chance to further demonize Iran.

Text: “News of the week”